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In case you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].

❓Common Questions You Might Have

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Here's an example of how the certificate looks. You are free to save it, print it and share it on your social platforms.

When does the course start and how long do I have access?

The course starts whenever you're ready. The videos are pre-recorded so you can watch whenever suits you best. You get to download the workbooks and related course materials from the course page. I highly suggest you follow along and complete the quizzes and challenges. This way you get enough practice and are ready for real-world challenges.

How do I change the email address of my account?

Click on your profile icon (top right corner after you login) then go to settings.

Can I get early access to bonus content?

Yes. We've put a lot of effort in creating each course and putting together lots of bonuses for you to make sure you get the most learning possible. If you can send us an email confirmation to waive our 30 day money-back-guarantee then we will gladly make the bonuses available for you earlier.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. After enrollment, Teachable (which is the platform hosting our courses), will send a confirmation email that includes a payment receipt. This is sufficient for tax and reimbursement purposes in most countries.

How do I buy courses for my team?

Contact us at [email protected] - let us know which courses and how many people and we'll put together a proposal for you.

How can I gift a course?

Send an email to [email protected]. Let us know which course and we'll send you a gift card with a coupon you can print or forward.