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Guerrilla Data Analysis: Your step-by-step eBook to understanding data. Written by top Microsoft MVPs Oz du Soleil and Bill Jelen (known as "Mr. Excel"), this book is essential for anyone new to handling data, with or without prior experience.

What Sets This Guide Apart?

From Basics to Brilliance: Start with Excel fundamentals and smoothly transition to master advanced tools like Pivot Tables and Power Query.

Real-World Applications: Learn to navigate through common data challenges in diverse sectors including non-profits and retail.

New Excel Features: Discover the newest Excel functionalities like XLOOKUP and dynamic arrays, with a practical, hands-on approach.

Useful Tips: Move beyond theoretical knowledge to applying Excel in making informed decisions.

In its third edition, "Guerrilla Data Analysis" is more than just a guide; it's a mentor in eBook form. Whether you’re tasked with managing budgets, analyzing data, or just beginning your data journey, this eBook will help you organize data clearly so you can make smart choices.

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After enrolling, you’ll immediately get access to 277 pages and go beyond Excel tips & tricks with real world warnings and case studies.

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You’ll also get the Excel and data analysis files used throughout this book. That way, you can follow along as you read.

The easiest way to explore this book, is to use the same data file, and check your progress against the many images provided.

Chapter Summary

Starting with the essentials, Chapters 1 to 3 introduce Excel's core functions, formulas, and collaboration tools. The focus is on practical applications like creating dynamic spreadsheets and managing Excel Tables.

Chapters 4 to 6 explore data summarization with criteria-based functions and Pivot Tables, equipping readers to quickly organize and analyze data.

In Chapters 7 to 9, the book dives into Power Query for data cleaning and transformation, along with strategies for data deduplication, emphasizing data's real-world messiness.

Chapters 10 to 12 are about dynamic arrays and data validation techniques, ensuring inputs are clean and processes are efficient.

Chapters 13 to 16 discuss protecting work with sheet and cell protection strategies, and utilizing advanced functions such as INDIRECT and OFFSET for complex data manipulation.

Data types, graphing, and potential pitfalls in data analysis are examined in Chapters 17 to 20, with the newer Excel features like XLOOKUP and the LET function highlighted in Chapters 21 and 22.

The final chapters, 23 to 28, offer advanced insights into managing data models, improving data integrity, and practical layout tips for effective data analysis.

About The Authors

Oz du Soleil is an Excel MVP who has been working with Excel since 2001. Oz has several Excel courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

He’s possibly best known for the dramatic and colorful Excel tutorials he posts on his YouTube channel Excel on Fire. Most recently, Oz has presented Excel topics and master classes at conferences in Amsterdam; Bulgaria; Brazil; Toronto; and cities around the United States.

When Oz isn’t elbows-deep in the guts of a spreadsheet, he does storytelling around Portland, Oregon. He has told stories onstage for Risk!, Pants on Fire, Seven Deadly Sins, Pickathon, The Moth, and other storytelling shows.

Bill Jelen is the host of and the author of 61 books about Microsoft Excel including Excel Gurus Gone Wild, Pivot Table Data Crunching, and Excel 2019 Inside Out.

He has made over 80 guest appearances on TV’s Call for Help with Leo Laporte and was voted guest of the year on the Computer America radio show.

He writes the Excel column for Strategic Finance magazine. He has produced over 2200 episodes of his daily video podcast Learn Excel from MrExcel.

Get the eBook & All Files

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