If you have Excel for Microsoft 365, you get access to a set of brand new SUPER EASY to use functions called Excel Dynamic Array functions such as:

  1. UNIQUE function to dynamically get a list of distinct values
  2. FILTER function to get multiple match results for a given lookup value
  3. SORT and SORTBY functions to dynamically sort your results
  4. XLOOKUP function which is the newer and better version of VLOOKUP.

I have added a WHOLE NEW SECTION to this course called NEW 365 Excel Functions: FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE, XLOOKUP & More!

In that section I take you through each formula and show you how you can use it in the "NEW Excel".

In addition to the above, I also cover:

  1. Excel's new calculation engine and how older formulas are impacted
  2. What the Hash (#) sign is
  3. Compatibility and the at (@) sign you might see in your older files
  4. The new errors such as #SPILL and #CALC
  5. Data validation drop-down lists and dynamic array references

If you have Excel for Microsoft 365 and you'd like to discover how you can take advantage of these new functions, make sure you check out this new section.

Also make sure you download the files to follow along: The zip file at the beginning of the course has been updated to include two new files. You'll also find the respective files at the beginning of the section.