How You Can Follow Along & Download Documentation

From the current lecture, download the detailed course notes above called Visually Effective Excel Dashboards.pdf.

What is the PDF for?

If you're like me - someone who likes to watch AND read - then this document is perfect for you. You can watch the lectures first and then follow along by reading through the script and implementing each step.

It's also a great document to keep handy whenever you'd like to create similar dashboards.

What does it Include?

You'll find a step-by-step guide on how to create an interactive KPI dashboard from scratch as covered in Modules 8 through 13. We will also create an interactive Slicer dashboard as covered in Modules 14 through 17.

How does it Work?

Because the module’s results build upon one another (e.g., the results of Module 8.2 server as the starting point for Module 8.3), if you wish to start at a midpoint within the construction of a dashboard, you can open the Excel file for a module and all the previous work will be completed up to that point in the training.

This is how the script for a module looks:

The course files are arranged by module (e.g., Module 8) and then by module objective (e.g., 8.1, 8.2, 8.2, etc.).

The name of the Excel file you need to work with for each module objective is mentioned at the start of the objective. It has a yellow background.

The Excel files are available for download from each specific lecture.

Here is an example of how the start file for module 9.1 looks:

The comments in the cells help you follow along easier. if you're stuck writing a formula and you'd like to see the answer, you can compare it against the formula in the comment.

Happy learning & implementing!

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