Activity: Save a Hard-coded Copy of Workbook

Activity: Save a Hard-coded (Formula free) Version of Your Workbook

Use the knowledge you've gained until now to create a macro that saves a hard-coded copy of your Workbook.

The copy should have no formulas (only values and formatting) - we just want to have a backup of the file without any links or formulas.

The name of the new Workbook should be "HC_" followed by the name of the workbook.

The steps for the macro would be:

  1. Save the current Workbook.
  2. Select all sheets, copy and paste special all cells in the sheets.
  3. Save the Workbook with Save As (be careful you don't SAVE, but SAVEAS).
  4. Save it in the same directory as the Workbook. Call the new Workbook "HC_" followed by the current name.

BONUS: Add today's date in the form of "yymmdd" after "HC_",
for example: "HC_yymmdd_S4_ReferencingRanges".

BONUS #2: Save the copy without macros (i.e., the copied version should be a normal xlsx file).

Note: Instructions are also inside S4_ReferencingRanges_Start file in the Activity tab. Don't forget to save the file as a macro enabled Workbook.

Answer is in the project video (coming up next) and also included in the complete version of this Workbook in Module ProjectActivity. I also solve for the two bonus points in the next video. Just a heads up that I do use some VBA built-in functions here. We cover these in Section 7.

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