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Wave Goodbye to Tedious Manual Work and
Automate Your Day with Excel VBA

Let’s face it – much of what we do in Excel is a slog.

Yes, it’s fun to discover new Excel features.

Yes, it’s exciting to do trend analysis and spot an opportunity everyone else missed.

Yes, it’s rewarding to see your colleagues react to your beautiful new dashboard.

But that’s the sexy side of Excel. And unfortunately, most of your time isn’t spent on these tasks.

No, much of your work in Excel is slow, tedious, and boring.

Worst of all, it’s manual. You’re like a caveman, stacking rock upon rock using nothing but your blistered hands and gritted teeth.

Well, just like how the pulley automated the lifting of heavy objects, there’s an Excel tool to automate your manual work.

It’s called Excel VBA.

Automate the Boring Stuff So You Can Spend More Time on what Excites You

Why not automate those borings Excel tasks so you can spend more time on what you enjoy? Things like discovering new Excel features, analyzing data, and creating dashboards.

Imagine if you could free up three, five or even ten hour each week by automating manual tasks? How much more time would you have for these other, more exciting Excel tasks?

Not only does Excel VBA make your workday more enjoyable. Learning it also puts you in a position for better work and more pay.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

99% of people have “Proficient in Excel” written on their resume. But how many have “Proficient in Excel VBA”?

Very few.

After taking our course, you’ll have it on your resume. And best of all, you’ll be able to prove it.

Excel VBA is used by the largest and most successful companies across the globe. Here is a list of just a handful of companies that use it:

  • Amazon
  • Cigna
  • Deloitte
  • Intel
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Microsoft (of course)
  • Morgan Stanley
  • PayPal
  • Tesla
  • US Bank

Want to work for one of these companies one day? You’ll boost your chances if you know Excel VBA.

Excel VBA is used across numerous industries, too. Banking, finance, agriculture, healthcare, construction, hospitality – I could go on and on. It’s everywhere.

If you’re looking to stand out and not be just another Excel user, Excel VBA is how you get your resume to the top of the stack.

My History with VBA

I’m Leila Gharani, founder of XelPlus. My first experience with VBA was when I started to work as an in-house consultant at a reputable paper & packaging company.

Together with my team we got sent to our biggest paper factories and we had to review existing processes, optimize these, and implement new ones. We looked at every aspect of the business from sales, procurement, production, HR, waste management, you name it.

I soon realized one of the main bottlenecks was the lack of automation. So much time was spent manually digging through numbers and creating reports. That was when I discovered VBA. There was this aspect of Excel that I hadn’t yet uncovered which could save my clients chunk loads of time.

I started teaching myself VBA by going through books, forums, and hundreds of blog posts. I soon started implementing VBA solutions for my clients, so they didn’t have to repeat the same tasks over and over again. They could just click a few buttons in Excel, go for a coffee and once they got back to their desk their report was ready.

The new files were a relief. They were designed to be user-friendly so anyone could use them. That’s the power of VBA. You can tailor-fit your Excel app as you need.

I’ll be teaching you how in this course.

I Wanted this Course to Be Different

No, my course isn’t the only VBA course out there. I know you have other options to learn this topic.

You could learn from another Excel expert, you could buy a course on Udemy, and you could even watch YouTube videos, piecing things together.

So, I asked myself, “How can I offer something different and better than all the other options?”

That’s when it hit me.

Through my research, I found all the other VBA training and courses have one thing in common: They only give you one piece at a time. They don’t give you the entire puzzle. They also don’t give you ready-made code books for quick fixes. Or real-world projects to learn from.

At that moment, I knew how to structure our VBA course.

Learn VBA by Building Projects and
See How Each Piece Contributes to the Puzzle

A VBA project is like a completed puzzle. Problem is, other trainings only give you a handful of pieces – and from all different puzzles!

They give you three pieces from the hot air balloon puzzle. Then, they toss you two pieces for the basket of fruit. And finally, a corner piece for the mountain lake.

How the heck are you ever supposed to build a finished project this way!?

It’s a confusing way to teach VBA, in my opinion.

Instead, in our course, you’ll build three separate projects. Each project was specifically chosen to teach you different, important features of Excel VBA.

Finally – and this is the magic – you only complete projects using techniques you’ve already learned.

In other words, we teach you the pieces of the puzzle, and then put them together into a finished project.

It’s a layered, step-by-step approach that will teach you Excel VBA faster than anything else.

Your First Project
Automated Table of Contents

As I mentioned, there are three main projects you’ll complete.

In this first project, you’ll create a tool to automate a table of contents inside Excel. You’ll complete the project using skills you’ll learn in that section’s lessons, such as:

  • Getting familiar with the Visual Basic Editor
  • Creating macros and 7 different ways to run them
  • Understanding the difference between macros and VBA
  • The most useful built-in VBA functions
  • Debugging so you can quickly find & fix errors

After learning these techniques, plus more, you’ll tackle the table of contents project. Not only will you have a finished, working file. You’ll have all the skills you learned along the way.

Your Second Project
Create a Sales Reporting Tool

Using what you’ve already learned, your next mission will be to create a regional sales reporting tool.

But your existing skills won’t be enough for this (slightly) more difficult project. That’s why, before entering the project area, you’ll enter the classroom.

You’ll first learn these necessary techniques:

  • Loops! These little guys will become your best friends because they’ll automate so much for you
  • Arrays, which allow you to quickly run procedures
  • How to create Excel tables using VBA
  • Telling Excel to open folders and files, using VBA
  • How PivotTables work with VBA

Plus more.

Once you’ve completed these lessons, you’ll download the project workbook and create your sales reporting tool. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is after watching the previous lessons.

Finally, you’ll move on to tackle the third project.

Armed with these foundational skills, you’ll be ready for your second project.

Your Third Project

Create an Invoicing Tool

Here’s why I love this one…

You know how I’m all about applying Excel to solving real-world problems, right? Application matters more than theory.

Well, this project is based off an actual project I created during the time I was a freelancer. It’s a pretty sweet tool, I’ve got to say. Our clients loved how easy we made it for them to send invoices.

As a lead-up to creating this invoicing tool, you’ll learn these critical VBA skills:

  • How to make applications talk to each other, like making Excel talk to Word or PowerPoint
  • How to save specific sheets as PDF files
  • Running events like opening a workbook, printing, or changing the color of a range of data
  • How to add external links and comments
  • How to create submission forms and add buttons, fields, and other ways to “dress up” your forms

With these skills, you’ll be fully prepared to create the invoicing tool. I dare say it’ll be fun, too.

Each project includes-step-by step directions so you’re never lost. Simply follow me and you can’t go wrong.

Also, each project comes with a code-free version of the file for download, so you can play around with the final product and see how it works.

Find out more in this video

You Can Finally Tweak Files You Find Online

These projects will teach you most of what you’ll ever need to know about Excel VBA. Complete them, and you’ll be in the 1% of Excel users.

Still, there will no doubt be times where you’ll want to find an existing model instead of creating one from scratch. You’ll head to Google and search for what you need. And because Google has everything, you’ll find it.

But no model perfectly suits your needs out of the box.

That’s okay, because after you’ve taken this course, you’ll have the skills to tweak those models you find on Google.

Whether you create models from scratch or tweak models you get from others, after this course, you’ll be able to free up hours of your time using VBA.

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Course Curriculum

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In addition to the curriculum, you’ll also get these bonuses.

Bonus 1:
VBA Code Book

Inside you'll find the code for all the projects we cover in one place. That's VBA code for over 50 real-case projects and 50 more examples on how to write proper code.

For example, let's say you need to find the last row or next blank row. “What was the code for doing that?”, you ask yourself.

Jump to Section 4.3 and you’ll have your answer. Simply copy and paste the line to your VBA editor.

This bonus will be available 30 days after enrolling.

Bonus 2:
More Projects to Inspire You

We recently added three more completed projects for you to learn from and be inspired by:

  • Restrict editing & working with protected sheets
  • Populate and consolidate Bill of Materials
  • Web scraping project

These projects will be available 30 days after enrolling.

Beam Me Up, Scotty!
Jump into the Topic You Need – Fast

As a Star Trek fan, I was always in awe of the transporter technology. It blew my mind how Captain Kirk could spot a nearby planet, then instantly transport his team to that exact location.

I want your experience inside our course to be just as instantaneous.

Thanks to a new tool we created here in our XelPlus “laboratory,” now, when you want to find a topic, you can do so instantly.

We’ve gone through every second of every lesson and pulled out the key words & topics. Then, we created an interactive agenda which allows you to quickly locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you find your topic, it’s simply a matter of saying “Beam me up!” (not actually required). Click the link and you’ll instantly be transported to the correct lesson and timestamp.

No more wasting hours searching. Find what you need, then get back to work.

New! Earn CPD Credits

I’m excited to announce this Excel VBA course is now CPD certified. The Continuing Professional Development is a top global accreditation, trusted by companies and industries worldwide.

When you complete this course, you’ll get a special certificate with the official CPD stamp. You will earn 22.5 CPD hours with the course.

If CPD credits can help in your career, this is not a course to skip.

Your Next Steps

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The investment for this course is only $179 (ex. VAT). What would it be worth to you to have this specialized Excel skill in your skillset?

You'll get:

  • Access to our entire 20-module course (22.5 hours of videos)
  • Lifetime access, so you’re never in a rush to complete a lesson
  • The “Beam Me Up Scotty” topic transporter to quickly find what you need
  • Useful Excel VBA codes you can directly use for your work
  • Tons of VBA files based on solutions my clients needed. They are likely to be useful to you too.
  • A comment section to get your questions answered by our staff (how awesome is that?)
  • Credits for CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • English Captions so you can easily follow along each video
  • Quizzes to track how well you understand the concepts
  • Challenges to test your knowledge and give you inspiration
  • Your very own VBA Code-Book for reference and quick fixes
  • Bonus completed real-world projects to learn from

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"I'm already extremely impressed with the organization and professionalism of this course. The course also has exactly what I need to tackle important problems at work. Very good!"

- Kirsch Mackey

"Leila has the amazing ability to not only teach this highly difficult subject in a comprehensible way, but also to combine it with interesting and useful examples plus fancy layouts. I'm very pleased with this Course and can't wait to Code my own Little Tools... Thank you so much!"

- Alexander Brück

You Don’t Need a Programming Background

No, you do not need to have experience with computer programming to take this course.

In fact, if you’ve been interested in getting into programming, this is a good place to start.

Don’t let the programming nature of this course scare you. If you can use Excel, you already have the type of brain that can learn VBA.

"Very professionell approach and very well spoken and detailed information outlined in a good way. I`m a big fan from what I have seen so far. If you are going to grasp the "thinking" and learn the logic behind excel, VBA and different concept from a course. Leilas courses is the one!"

- Niclas Johansson

"If you are interested in learning about macros without much knowledge of programming and some knowledge of Excel, This course is your way to go. Best wishes to Leila."

- Dishank Gupta


Try it for 30 Days

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Who is this for?

This is best for people in three groups.

You’re brand new to VBA

You’re starting from scratch. You don’t know a loop from a macro. You want to learn VBA, but you need baby steps.

You’ve got some experience with VBA

You’ve dipped your toe into VBA. Nothing too crazy. You know there are better methods to what you’ve been doing.

You’re a VBA power user

You use VBA every day. Given your foundation, why not get the most mileage out of your experience? You’ll pick up new tools and methods faster than beginners.

In all these scenarios, this course is for you.

If nothing else, take advantage of our 30-day guarantee. If you don’t pick up new tricks, ask for a refund.

Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced – you’ll find lessons tailored to your specific needs inside this course.

You can be working on your Excel VBA challenge in just 15 Minutes

As you read this page, Excel users across the world are logged into our course area, watching lessons, and completing challenges.

Join them! The doors are open, and you’re invited to come inside.

It’s a warm, friendly environment. And even though our students come from all different backgrounds, they have one thing in common: They’re determined to get better at Excel.

Click the button below, and we’ll see you inside.


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When you finish the course, you’ll get a certificate of completion. You can send it to your boss, or just add it to your own person library of learning achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

What’s required for the course?

You currently use Excel - know it well and want to improve your skills. If you consider yourself a basic Excel user, I suggest you enroll in our Excel Essentials course first, before learning VBA.

Which version of Excel do I need?

Excel on Windows. This course was filmed on Excel 2016 but the techniques work with any version of Excel.

Does the course cover web-scraping?

No. We don’t cover web-scraping as I believe there are better tools intended for this (Power Automate, Sheets, Power Query), but we have included a web scraping project as a bonus.

Do you cover VBA in other Office applications?

The course covers different ways you can connect with VBA from Excel to Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. We do a cool project where we automatically generate Outlook emails and attach PDF files directly from Excel!

Who can I contact if I have questions not addressed?

You can contact us at [email protected].

"Very clear. Not new to VBA and I thought I would be able to breeze through the first few videos, but had to stop and replay as there was so much I didn't know."

- William Wicks

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