CHALLENGE - Someone Hacked the Salary File - Find Mismatches in Data

This is your time to test your knowledge:

To complete the challenge you need to download the file Challenge_Find_Mismatches.xlsx from S12 / Challenge.

This is included in the ZIP file available in Section 1 - Lecture "Download All Practice Files".

Your Task:

Unfortunately someone hacked the Salary file you use and changed some of the salary amounts.

The person might have also deleted some rows from the salary file.

Fortunately you've made a backup! 

Import the data from both files: SalaryCurrent.xlsx (the hacked file) and SalaryBackup.xlsx (Your backup)

Find out which rows were deleted and which salaries were altered. 

Both files are available in S12 / Challenge folder.


Check out my version in the next lecture.

You can download the solution file from S12 / Challenge / Challenge_Find_Mismatches_Solution.xlsx (included in the ZIP file in Section 1 - Lecture 4)